Days of Wine & Roses

Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick star in this very powerful film on how alcoholics love to drink together. Jack is a young struggling public relations executive who drinks to forget his problems and introduces Lee to alcohol due to her love of chocolate. Jack outperforms himself in two scenes; the greenhouse and the liquor store at the lake. A classic to not be missed.

The Lost Weekend

Starring Ray Milland and Jane Wyman. Milland won an Academy Award for his classic portrayal of an alcoholic who tries to kill himself. Milland’s character slowly evolves as he steals and lies his way to another drink. Two great scenes – Milland in the Alcoholic Asylum at Bellevue and his vision of a Bat and a mouse in his apartment.

My Name Is Bill W.

Starring James Wood and James Garner. My Name is Bill W. portrays the beginning of the AA organization in 1936. Great costumes and period music. Always cry at the ending. Love the scene where James is screaming that he is not sick and then runs into a tree.

Clean and Sober

Starring Michael Keaton. Clean and Sober takes a hard look at an alcoholic/addict who refuses to acknowledge his condition. Best scene is where Keaton is in rehab and asks the group whether he can change the channel on the TV in the group room.