May 4, 2022

Although I used to think it was

I rarely went anywhere without a beer. To this day many of my dreams include a can of Budweiser firmly attached to one of my hands. They told me I had to give up drinking but when I got sober I didn’t give up drinking. Today I rarely go anywhere without a drink: coffee, iced tea, Arnold Palmers, soft drinks, smoothies, juices and many other fine beverages. In fact there isn’t much of anything that doesn’t contain alcohol that I won’t consume.


Stick With The Winners

They used to say “stick with the winners”. At first it seemed strange but after a while in the program I realized that it was important to stay with positive active members of the fellowship. This seemed contrary to the idea of not taking an other’s inventory. Like many of the paradoxes in our program this makes sense on both sides of the equation. We must take inventory of others if we are to know who the winners are.