Welcome To Cybersobriety

CYBERSOBRIETY is a compendium of Information, Inspiration, Wit and Wisdom For the Discriminating Recovering Human

My name is David Glenn and I discovered a life of recovery from alcohol and drugs on September 8, 1977. Over the years I have been successfully abstinent from both substances through the fortunate combination of working a twelve step program, good therapy and good medication. I have worked in the field of recovery in many capacities but in 1990 I started my own business. I published a 40 page recovery newspaper called The Solution. For almost 20 years the paper was the leading information journal for the recovering community of South Florida. South Florida had become the recovery capital of America with more Rehabs, Halfway Houses and other recovery oriented businesses. They were very supportive of my paper and my paper was supportive of the thousands of people recovering in South Florida.

With the ascendence of the Internet and the decline of the print media I decided to sell the paper to a company better prepared for a web edition. As so often happens the new owners misunderstood the mission and put profit ahead of service. As a result the web edition failed.

Over the years I have moved on to other service projects but I have always been asked to restart the paper. Also I have really missed the pleasure I derived from publishing it. Recently a good friend suggested that I do a blog. I thought about it for a while and I realized that it would be a good way for a 76 year old recovering guy to stay active, engaged and somewhat hip in this new millennium.

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Cybersobriety

  1. Hi there David Glenn thanks for linking into my blog am grateful to you, I bet you by three years David I got sober in 1974 and have been sober and well in AA for the past 48 years, I too ran half way houses and hostels for alcoholics for over thirty years,I am 77 years young now and retired but i write thousands of blogs on sobriety and realizing the indwelling soul,I have been meditating for 47 years hope we can keep in touch David, i would be glad to hear from you yours in fellowship and service michael.


    • Thanks Michael sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner. It seems we have a whole lot in common. I used a pseudonym for anonymity purposes but my real name is David fine and I am at dfine229@gmail. Where are you located and do you go to the 24 Hour Marathon Meeting?


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